Judy Brostoff, President

Art of Coaching is a subsidiary of Brostoff & Associates, a business consulting firm.  Through years of business experience and multiple requests, we have determined the need to develop training for those seeking a career in coaching. Art of Coaching was created to fulfill this need and provide the training, development and expertise to become a successful coach. In either situation, coaching businesses, or, individuals to become coaches, our mastery in the field of coaching has made a significant difference for our clients.  We optimize all available resources and provide the expertise resulting in world class performers producing increased bottom line profits.  Our goal is to get into action, not just planning. 

People forget that life is a game.  In sports, a coach watches the action on the field and responds with a plan for winning the game. With good coaching, players become champions; in business, our clients become champions.  We work from the premise that coaching is fundamental to exceptional performance.  We strive for achievement, excellence, expanded capability and results.  As coaches working with new and existing businesses in their strategy and design for success, we observe and develop a game plan. We "coach" the individual or team to put into action strategies necessary to accomplish specific winning goals.  We critique, plan, design and implement a course of action that creates winning results. We set new standards for success!  

               There is an Art to Coaching ....... let us make that difference for you! 

Ask the Experts how to...

*  Re-energize your life

*  Turn challenges into possibilities

*  Produce extraordinary results


*  Empower yourself and others

*  Make your possibilities a reality

*  Create your own Success

*  Explore new ways of thinking

*  Unlock your passion

*  Exceed your Expectations


*  Get off the sidelines...Be in the Game!


We welcome the opportunity to work with you in achieving your goals and objectives. 

Please contact judy@artofcoaching.net for a complimentary consultation. 

Company History
Judy Brostoff established Brostoff & Associates, a consulting firm, in 1987. She has more than twenty five years of Management & Leadership experience, has led workshops and seminars for national organizations and has been an active public speaker.   Ms. Brostoff has trained and coached thousands of people both individually and in groups.  She developed a client base in various business sectors including: industry, service, financial, manufacturing, medical, educational, land development and leisure.  The company provides a straight forward and conservative approach to business, understanding the importance of tailoring a program to meet the individual needs of the client.  This personalized approach is aimed at continually improving effectiveness in all fields of endeavor.